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Well because i been away so long, and because I feel bad for that, i want to do a request ^O^

not just any request ^^ it's a point request ;)
i just checked , and we have +-60 points into the :iconpokemonrequestcash: account, so that is your price ^^

i know it isn't a lot ^^; but it is something small to get things going again :)

now for rules, you are aloud to draw ANYTHING :O just one thing has to be there, a charmeleon (preferably mine ;) ) should be hidden, might be a shape, might be a a actual charmeleon, might be anything ^^ be creative :D

the winners will be chosen the 15th of august ^^

if you want to raise the reward ^^ (and maybe get a reward for second and even thirth place) donate a point or so to :iconpokemonrequestcash:  and whatever gets donated till that day will be splitted between 2 and 3 ^^

so what are you waiting for xD

contestants and entry's :

none :c
Redid the page , old requests will be on hte bottom atm, if you got a request here, let me know, if it is finished , then i'll remove it ^^ , it has been a while that i worked in this group so ^^;

anyways :3

these are the requests, if you want to do one or finished one please comment
you may also comment here for new requests :)

New requests:

:bulletgreen: request from: snivy-and-oshawott
A Gengar, Raichu, Misdreavus, Snivy, Sylveon, Ninetales and a Torchic in a festival background, but with a family portrait style with a frame
on it: nobody yet


:bulletgreen:request from :iconhotjazz:
a recreation of the giant pokemon of the first series
on it: nobody yet

:bulletgreen:request from :iconstaragon:
Can someone draw a Monferno wearing Red Fingerless gloves? I plan to make it one of my OCs, could he be standing under a tree?
on it: nobody yet

:bulletgreen:request from :icondarklight-phoenix:
Request of Ash, Brock and Misty in one picture
on it: nobody yet

:bulletgreen:request from :iconnekohimi:
A full team picture, here is the trainer and team ref altaicathepokemon.deviantart.c…
on it: :iconcheapcakes:

:bulletgreen:request from :iconmtijger:
Can someone draw me a pic. of my Umbreon Pokesona. (Gore is allowed)
on it: nobody yet

:bulletgreen:request from :iconhackwolfin:
Just of fun, can someone draw one of the eeveelutions with some form of weapon, like a sword or axe. Can't be eevee nor Umbreon.
I'll draw the eevee, that you draw, fighting a Umbreon w/ a long sword >D
on it: nobody yet

:bulletgreen:request from :iconshadow7128:
I'd like to see my OCs alice and shadow doing something, doesn't matter to me what I just want a nice pic I can use for reference purposes mostly.
on it: nobody yet

:bulletyellow: request from :icongamerguy915:
im curious if someone would like to draw my fakemon Dragoon…
on it: :iconolivethebreloom:

:bulletgreen: request from :icondambolis:
Hi, could someone draw me a Exploud, Typloshion and Flareon wearing sunglasses xD?
on it:nobody yet

:bulletyellow: request from:iconmrawesomematty:
if anybody wants to do one more request for me, I'd love to see other people draw my PMD Story team:…
NOTE: If anybody does do it, I will feature your pic and your account on a chapter of the story. ^^
on it: :iconlunastralis:

:bulletyellow: request from:iconbioluxx:
I would like to see the pokemon Dunsparce doing something incredibly epic!
on it: :icongamerguy915:

:bulletyellow: request from:icondarkjolteon12:
Request: i want u guys to draw my dark jolteon and dark flareon
if u dont know how they look like look at my gallery
on it::icobflareon:

:bulletgreen: request from :iconangel-hearted-being:
Request: Could someone please draw my OC angel-hearted-being.deviantart… ( outfit:… ) With either 1 (or more if you want) of these pokemon: buterfree, pidgeot, arcanine, furret, larvitar, taillow, ralts, altaria, zangoose, absol, shinx, buizal, riolu, snivy, Petlil, Cubchoo, meinfoo or a lampent.
on it: :icondeakka:

:bulletgreen: request from :iconpandapranksx:
Request:  a vulpix, carrying around a hurt pichu
on it: :iconcyndiliuwho:

:bulletgreen:request from :iconmalfunit:
Request: I've got a funny crossover idea. :3 A Haunter running away from a small group of Hammerites from Thief: The Dark Project. I don't care how you draw the Hammerites as long as they look like Hammerites. And they're tall, armored men. . They're chasing Haunter with fanatical rage, all wielding sledgehammers.
One of them is shouting: "Die, malformed beast!"
And another is saying: "POUND this nail with me, my brother!"
here's a picture of what a Hammerite looks like:…
on it: nobody yet

:bulletred:request from :iconbflareon:
Request: Can someone draw a Shiny Lugia for me
on it: :iconlunarstarwitch: & :iconredcucco:

:bulletyellow:request from :iconsunslicer2:
request: Would someone mind drawing a Swinub and a Torchic sitting on cushions in a house? (no preference for the house design) And a trainer in between them (on a cushion): If the trainer could have dark brown hair, kind of shaggy, down to his neck, and covering his right ear, but not his left, and a regular orange shirt and cargo shorts? It would be greatly appreciated
on it: :iconlunastralis:

:bulletgreen:request from :iconneonigma:
request: My Scrafty, Eni, doing anything, as long as it fits her personality. c:
on it: nobody yet

:bulletgreen:request from:iconcobrateen:
request: I'm trying to pimp my fanfiction-ish novel-length thing, I call it Pokemon: the Risen ([link]). It's a full-length story set in the Pokemon world's possible future that I wrote as my first big project for Deviant Art.
I would love to see a picture of my OC's team, especially Rae. If you can stomach the awkwardness of my first chapter I guarantee you will enjoy the rest.
Any feedback and comments would be great, I'm considering writing as a career but don't really know if I'm any good, this was sorta my test run.
on it : nobody yet

:bulletyellow:request from :iconmushydog:
request: everyone's most favorite pokemon in one group picture
on it : :iconbioluxx:

:bulletyellow: Request from :iconmrawesomematty: Wants to know if anyone wants to take on this large request: His , and he 26 pokemon: in one pic, a pokemon rance basicaly.(link to the trainer wih more details…
:bulletblue: better view from the trainer:
On it: :iconkuudere-senpai:

:bulletyellow:request from :iconaizakkumanga:
request: Could someone draw digitally a zangoose chilling out with it's trainer by a stream. Could the trainer be a girl with Dark brown shaggy long hair, Caucasian (white) skin, have blue eyes, wear a beanie and a hoodie? (hoodie color is in the pic)
on it: :iconsciencefan12:

:bulletyellow: Request from:icontearsinger:
request:can I have a snorlax sleeping in long-ish grass with a pikachu on his belly, with a butterfly on pikachu nose?
On it : :iconcastiel-abhorsen:

:bulletyellow: Request from :iconbflareon:
request:A Plusle and Minun using helping hand
On it : :iconphirecracker:

:bulletyellow:request from:iconhitashiwa:
request:Mecha mewtwo fighting mewtwo and mew like matrix while ash and pikachu attack mecha mew2 charizard flys and uses flamethrower
on it : :iconkristy-kiri22:

for everyone who's drawing :clap: and thank you

:bulletgreen:= Nobody is doing this request.
:bulletyellow:= Somebody is working on it but you may do it too.
:bulletred:= Two or more people are working on it.
:bulletblue:= Request edited.
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:bulletblue:We are a group that takes requests for Pokemon related drawings,
also you can put your pokemon related pics here.

Everybody is welcome!

:bulletblue:But please read the rules before posting…
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HazardPlays Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Will you please draw me and my team?
My team is :
Minun (sitting on my shoulder)
Umbreon (shiny)
PixelTheRaichu Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  New member
I have a request for a female sableye I would like for her to be darker than the usual color and have blue gem eyes add any other deatails that you think would make her look nice her name is Pixel yeah I know my name but its also this chraters name 
Dancing-Angel-221B Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I ask for a drawing of my team and myself? My team is: Ninetails, Staraptor, Typhlosion, Ampharos, Azumaril, and Haxorus. I also have a base for what myself as a pokemon trainer look like.
S1rcreeper Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Student Artist
I asking for a request its of Drawing of my team Mew, Deoxy, Scizor , Blastoise, Gardervor and Umbreon 
Lonely-Spectreon Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a request! I would love for someone to draw my Panlisk… hanging out with a Pansage, Pansear and Panpour
captaingooberfish Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I need to request a picture of two eevees making a heart. I don't have many points but i will give you all my points for it. if it comes to nichijou drawings I could do a trade with you.
shadowfire223 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
For my request can someone draw a Serperior, Lucario, Zoroark, Caracosta, Volcarona and Garchomp(basically my whole team) with the male trainer from pokemon black/white 2 and Yancy in the middle, sort of like a group photo. And if its not too much I would like the setting to be in Nimbasa City's amusment park. Its suppose to represent one of the times me and Yancy hung out at Nimbasa City and how much fun Yancy, my team and I was having.
LadyDeven Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think we may need a gen six folder. :lol:
sneakboy1 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
maybe xD let me add one ;) xD
LadyDeven Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww yiss. Although the other folders may need a sot now. :lol:
sneakboy1 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
what do you mean? (my english isn't the best)
(1 Reply)
SilverFlare01 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
Hi can I have a Request? Can you draw me a male Ampharos (My signature pokemon) With a trainer holding a poke ball with short curly black hair? And then Ampharos is beside me smiling
Stuffing20 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Hey, can I make a request, cause I have something I would like to have draw of its okay.
GLmathgrant Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
This is going to seem weird, but is there any way to make a hidden request? I want to be able to make a request without the general public knowing what the request is, as the final image will serve as a simple word puzzle where the viewer is challenged to determine what words the image represents, and going into too much detail in public would obviously defeat that purpose. (For example, a friend once made a picture of "The Original One" holding a small plate with a teacup on it, representing a certain pair of 6-letter anagrams. Said picture seems to be removed from dA. . . >.>)

The puzzle described above is called a "flat" in the National Puzzlers' League, and can involve any of a number of different ways to manipulate letters, and not just anagrams. There are lots of interesting potential bases for a Pokémon flat. . . :)
ElectronicalPeasant Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I would like to do :iconstaragon:'s request I wanna start drawing things people on this group again uvu
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